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Advancements that make a difference

Many couples turn to the Texas Center for Reproductive Health when all other avenues of treatment have failed. And with good reason. We are known for our high success rate among even the most difficult situations, and our patients always tell us, “We wish we had come to you sooner.” So what makes our care different?

  • Our expertise in the forefront of Reproductive Endocrinology
  • Our certified, state-of-the-art on-site lab and operating suite
  • A team of specialists who continue to lead the way in reproductive medicine advancements
  • Intensive evaluations of each patient to provide the most accurate diagnoses and treatments
  • Our nationally recognized cryobank

And, of course, our personalized care. Dr. Samuel Marynick spends a great deal of time with each patient and is available, even on weekends, to ensure that you have the very best possible outcomes. Dr. Juan Correa- Pérez is an outstanding reproductive biologist who continuously monitors the care of patients, further enhancing the quality of care that you can expect to receive at our center.

While outcome statistics from IVF are the only factors that many individuals use in choosing a program, many other variables should be considered as well.

  • Does the program offer “low-tech” treatments before going directly to IVF or other assisted reproductive treatments (ART)? Many couples can conceive by methods other than IVF such as surgery, ovulation stimulation, and intrauterine insemination.
  • Testing and treatment for immunological disorders and utilizing the patient’s own endometrial cells to help the embryos grow (co-culture) are some of the new fertility enhancements that may help you succeed.

Some programs will choose to exclude couples from their IVF or ART programs because of age or poor results from previous efforts at conceiving. Often, this is to avoid lower pregnancy rates. However, at the Texas Center for Reproductive Health, we believe our high quality of clinical care allows us to achieve success while treating some of the most difficult infertility cases. Perhaps that’s why we receive patient referrals from around the globe for people just like you who want care that is unique to them.